With the democratization of technology, transmitting data from the “actual” into the “virtual” world has never been easier. These worlds are no longer parallel but seem to increasingly bleed into each other. It is on this intersection that questions pertaining to the sense of self and control come up.

– How attached are we to our virtual equivalents?
– Where will we let others go with our body data?

A 3D scan collects data of the body’s surface. The resulting digital twin is a reduced version of reality; a soul-less shell that bears the same outer features but can be easily manipulated, reproduced, exposed and shared in any context and to any extent. As the virtual body is made accessible and available in tandem with technology, does its perceived value increase or decrease? How do we measure this value? In a realm that knows no boundaries, is there a limit to what we will allow to be done to our virtual selves?

Open Body Database is an interactive installation that studies where our comfort zone lies when things get personal in the virtual world. After 3D scanning, your body is open for digital experimenting. How far can we take yours?

Programming by Isac Petruzzi