Placed and reconstructed in 3D, the 1/10 Edition is a conceptual unisex collection of 10 white T-Shirts, each made from a unique digital pattern and marked with a different seam configuration.

By applying mathematic principles to this one-piece pattern, we can generate countless variations of free shapes – or cuts – that determine the number and path of the seams across the open field of the T.

Unlike the seams on common shirts – restricted to the shoulders and sides – the seams run freely over the entire surface of the fabric and can be altered to any position and degree of complexity without losing the fit.

From a geometric perspective, an endless amount of differently shaped patterns can be generated that always fold into a perfect fit, leaving a signature in the form of seam lines.

Digitally dissecting and reducing clothing design to its basic building blocks opens a dimension in which clothing can be rebuilt and customized into any shape imaginable.

This geometric approach furthermore enables the optimization of the use of fabric.


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100% Cotton


M, L, XL – Unisex

Material: 100% Cotton

Sizes: M, L, XL - Unisex